Packages & Fees

ADULT INDIVIDUALFAMILY – 3 to 4 peopleCOUPLES- 2 peopleGUESTYOUTH 13-18 yrs old
Initial fee: $25
Monthly: $58
Three-month: $165
Six-month: $53 a month via EFT
Twelve-month: $50 a month via EFT
Initial fee: $25 per family  Monthly: $99
Six or Twelve month: $93 a month via EFT Three-Month: $288
Initial fee: $25 per couple Monthly: $78
Six or Twelve month: $70 a month via EFT Three-Month: $225
Daily Pass: Gym & classes $15
1 Week Pass: Gym & classes $55
Punchcard: (10 punches) – gym only $100
 Afterschool Pass: (YOUTHS 13 TO 18 YRS)  $7 (Available 4pm-7pm only)

Initial fee: $25        Monthly: $45 (Additional youths added at $20 each for each month)

At least one orientation package must be purchased for gym safety. Parent must sign waiver forms.

Personal Training

Certified Trainer Michael McCusker

1 hour session: $45.00
1/2 hour session: $22.50

Eight 1-hour sessions: $336
Twelve 1-hour sessons $486

Orientation Beginners Package 

Packages available to new members only:

$33 for a one-hour session

$66 for two one-hour sessions

$99 for three one-hour sessions

Packages offered for the first two weeks of a person’s membership.

Get in Shape, Improve Strength, Flexibility, Recover from an Injury…Let our experienced staff work with you to get you looking and feeling great! – Call to schedule your first consultation with Mike McCusker. He has served the Hayward area as a Registered Physical Therapist, certified trainer, and class instructor for the past 19 years.